The End

As I state in my Blog Post #1, “I honestly enrolled in it (this class) because it was one of the only classes that was available and in the specific time slot I needed” but as I also state after sitting in the first class, I became “intrigued and excited.” After the first class of going around, stating our writers names, and talking about how this class was one of composing self, I was very excited. Being a first semester freshman at the time, I was kind of confused with myself, what to do, what to say and how to act. Starting out with the Memory Project, I really was inspired to write about something that had a major impact in my life and something that has stayed with me for a while. I knew that I wanted to write “raw and honestly” and my memory was definitely one of both of those things. I think that throughout the next two projects I did this as well. Even though my experience within my new space was not one of glamour and excitement, I went there with a purpose. A purpose to engage, observe and write. This class allowed me to use senses and description that I would have never done if I had just went to simply observe Kaitlin. Knowing I would have to write about my experience, it changed my view on everything and forced me to notice many small details that I am happy I now noticed but would never have before.

  1. What will inspire me to write? I realized that everything I experience is something I can write about. Even if it is something small, there is still a purpose.
  2. What kind of voice do I want to have as a writer? I realized that I like writing about small moments in my life. I really enjoy writing internally, and what I mean by that is writing my thoughts down. I find it very interesting.
  3. Am I expanding my limits through words? Writing in general is an expansion of words, every single time I sit down to write I am breaking my limits.
  4. Is there a common thread through my writing? I realize that I do write a lot about my thoughts and small details.
  5. Is my writing making an impact? Even if my writing is not something everyone will enjoy reading, it has made an impact on me. My memory project definitely made an impact on me as I was writing with inquiry, I was looking for answers and I got them.
  6. Do I feel inspired to write right now? This question has been an interesting one for me because sometimes when I am not in the “writing mood” it still is worth a try because my writing style is different at that moment and I like to see the difference in my writing at times where my words are flowing at at times when I’m at a block.
  7. Am I writing with purpose? Yes, because these are blog posts and projects which I have to do but also yes, because all of these pieces I now have and get to look back on.
  8. Have I created a throughline for my subject? I have tried in each writing I have done.
  9. Who is my audience? My writing class, and other people involved in different subcultures and different identifiers. Memory project: people who go through hard times, physical touch, love New space: film students or people who have never been in the film world
  10. Is this engaging? Even if it doesn’t seem to be the most interesting thing, you can make it interesting. That’s what the power of words can do.
  11. Is there a visual aid to help capture the feeling or emotion of this post? Usually yes. I love pairing things will visually stimulating pieces.
  12. What do I want the audience to remember? Anything from my writing. My description, my writing style, or simple facts or statistics.
  13. Do I have any examples that can help enhance my writing? Using outside information like interviews is a good way to support your writing and give new knowledge.
  14. Am I writing with intention? Yes, I try to even though it may be hard at times to specifically identify why I am writing something. It always turns to come out in the end.
  15. What’s the extra sparkle? Did it make someone laugh or smile.

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