My Favorite Word


I know this word is part of my blog title and that I have talked and talked about it but that just shows the importance of this word. Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. This blog post has a purpose. The words on this page have a purpose. This class has a purpose. The word purpose comes from the old french word “porpos” which translates into “aim, intention. My dad has always told me to do everything in life with intention so I always associate this word with great meaning. When he used to tell me “Grace find a purpose in your life,” I always would shake my head, roll my eyes and get annoyed. My thirteen year old self got kind of intimidated when I had to think about what my overall purpose in life was going to be. Purpose was a dark cloud that shadowed over me for a while until I actually realized what the word meant. Purpose isn’t something that you have to wait for and find out later in life, purpose can happen in your everyday, ordinary actions. I have realized that finding a purpose doesn’t have to be one thing in your life. Small everyday things in your life have a purpose, everything does. No matter if you are happy or sad with what you are doing, there is a reason you are doing it. I have learned throughout this class, through my stories I write about, that unexciting small moments can come out with greater meanings. I know that many people like me go look for inspiration on “How-to’s” to finding your life purpose. I always thought that purpose meant mak[ing] a bigger difference in the world which can be the case but it doesn’t have to be a such a “big” thing. The word purpose has the word “pose” in it, so, let me pose a question now, what is your purpose?


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