Breaking It Down

  1. Identify your specific target audience.


People who have experienced cultural differences, and have a hard time dealing with it. Also the Cambodian girls I worked with, one in particular.


  1. Tell exactly what you want your audience to do, to think, to feel after reading your story.


I want my audience to understand how a very small cultural difference affected me so much. How people have unique experiences on their own. Also, what hugging symbolizes to me and how hug’s impact me as a person. I want my audience to feel my desire for a hug and feel how I felt in the situation.


  1. Identify the rhetorical situation. I (author) am writing this to (audience) so that…


I Grace am writing this to a Cambodian girl I worked with so that I come to an understanding and have self closure with something that I always think about.


  1. Identify the genre of your project. Is it a letter, a report, a poem, a braided essay, or some other genre that is suitable for your audience?


My genre for this project is in the form of a letter to one of the Cambodian girls I worked with.


  1. Based on Tim Bascom’s “Picturing the Personal Essay: A Visual Guide” , identify the structure you’ve chosen for this story. Use Bascom’s vocabulary to identify your structure.


The structure I have chosen for this story is “The whorl of reflection” because I feel as if my piece is a reflective one for me. “Reflective essayists tend to circle a subject, ‘wheeling and diving like a hawk.’”Because this piece was so reflective, it has allowed me to make a “wide range of realizations.”


  1. Identify the reasons you selected your structure and detail how this structure is particularly well-suited for your target audience.


I chose this structure because I needed a way for me to self reflect while also speak to a certain audience so I thought that both a letter form and whorl of reflection structure would work the best since both address a specific audience but also leave room for interpretations. I wanted to really be personal in my writing and bring it back to writing for one of the girls I worked with. Because I am now writing to her, it has made me open up more and self reflect.


  1. What is your intended mood for this piece? Point out at least three examples of language that you feel express that mood.


I think that my intended mood for this is empowerment.

“Through my time there, I learned more in my life than I ever had before.”

“I want this letter to act as hug from me to to you that you can pull out and read whenever you need a hug, a reminder that you are loved, that you are enough, that you are more than your circumstances.”

“the hug that symbolized how proud I was of how you survived the adverse conditions you never asked for, how you emerged as a young woman committed to becoming a successful contributor to your community.”


  1. Do you portray yourself as a well-rounded character? Do you exhibit strengths AND weaknesses? Point out at least three examples where you show yourself behaving in a strong manner AND a weak manner.


I think I do portray myself as a well rounded character in this story because I experience some discomfort but then relief.


“I never realized that saying goodbye would restrict me from the forms of emotional expression that I’d always accepted as normalcy.”

“When I had to say goodbye and was told that I couldn’t hug you, I didn’t know how else I could express the emotions encompassing me.”

“When you can running up to me with your arms wide open, with the big bright smile on your face, the only thing I wanted to do was hug you and I’m sorry I couldn’t.”

“In the end, I learned that hugs come in all kinds of different forms, just as all people do.”

“I’d arrived at the safe way house knowing I came to help you, spend time with you, give you something to look forward to every day and give love to you.”


9.What surprised you most in writing this? What did you learn about the world through your writing? What new information will a reader learn by reading your piece?


I think I was most surprised with how writing this helped me come to some sort of closure with my feelings. I learned how physical touch and cultural differences can really affect you. Even if it is something so small, people experience each moment differently and it is hard to not go through something in your specific way when you are so comfortable with whatever that may be. A reader will learn the majority age for sex traffickers and some statistics on sexual abuse.


  1. Identify any issues you feel you’re currently having with this draft so we can focus on these issues.


I am having trouble with fitting more information into my piece, how I want to finalize the structure of where I make paragraphs and using better word choice.


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