That Time I Stalked Someone

Sept 28. Starbucks on campus

She intensely stares at the computer screen, her eyes narrowing in on something that seems to be interesting. Typing very aggressively as if she is in a rush yet is sitting calmly. Each letter key being slammed on one by one by her quick fingers. She sits with two other girls to her left but obviously they are not sitting together, and do not have an interest in talking to each other. They all have headphones in. She sips her what seems to be half full, grande iced coffee, swishes the coffee in her mouth and then puts the cup back onto the table. Her legs are crossed and she anxiously shakes her right leg. Still typing vigorously and now shaking vigorously. Her right leg keeps kicking the back of the chair making a small noise every time she shakes it, which is a lot. Thump, thump. She listens to music through headphones connected to her iPhone which is in a scuffed up blue case with coral trimming.

Constantly checking her phone either looking at the time or waiting for a text, she touches her passcode in swiftly but then quickly clicks the off button knowing that she will get distracted if she indulges in more. She swipes to the right and then turns off her phone, reminding herself she is working and shouldn’t get on the addicting thing. Curious or distracted with the music, the loud girls in front of her or the swarm of people walking back and forth, she looks up from the screen. Realizing she is once again distracted, she intensely leans forward toward her computer to go more in depth. She squints her eyes to better see whatever she is working on. Rereading something on her screen or just talking to herself, she mumbles a few words. Getting more frustrated, she lifts her right hand and makes a hand gesture towards the computer screen out of pure annoyance with whatever is on the screen. Taking another sip of her iced latte, she rubs her leg in almost a comforting way. She takes a deep swallow, and hunches to her screen some more because something is obviously frustrating her. She has a fresh manicure but takes her thumb to her mouth and bites it, her other fingers curled up, she shakes her leg again. Thump thump. She checks her phone again, perhaps the time. Tick, Tick. In blue jean shorts, the rest of her legs bare on the chair, she lifts her right leg and wipes the crumbs from beneath her bottom onto the floor then does the same to her left leg.

Uncomfortably, she turns to the right and stretches out her back. Maybe she is trying to relax herself. Twirling her hair, she grabs a piece of it and puts it to her nose. Perhaps she is taking a deep whiff of the new conditioner she just bought and is trying out. She abruptly then flicks the piece of hair away. Maybe she doesn’t like the smell… She looks around some more and out the window where it seems she knows someone but does not want to say hi to the person. She purses her lips, shakes her Starbucks drink and turns to her computer again. I think she is experiencing a writer’s block, looking around perhaps for inspiration. She catches me staring at her but I continue to look like I am in a daze and not make it obvious. Bringing her hand up to the headphone volume clicky thing, she turns it down accidentally but then turns it up two pinches. Click click. After establishing the perfect volume, she takes out her earphones and clicks something on her phone. She puts the phone to her ear and makes a call. The loud distractions around her makes her put her finger to hear ear to cover the other side. She speaks, her leg shakes and then stops. While she is listening to the person on the other side she seems as if she is waiting at the edge of her seat to hear something. She then responds and the shaking persists. Thump Thump. She puts down the phone, takes a bite of the apple even though there was barely any apple left besides the core.

Her friend walked up and sat down. She told her how her roommate ubered to school on Monday because the heat was too unbearable. Touching her hair some more, she explained that someone told her her hair looked different today. She seemed satisfied with the comment. Explaining how she didn’t do anything beside brush it and part it she concludes it is probably because she always wears her hair up but it was down today. Maybe the new conditioner was working…She awkwardly smiled at the girl across from her, her mouth narrowing but teeth showing, almost like the emoji with the awkward smile. That was it for the girl sitting in Starbucks



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