That Time I Was Stuck In A Smelly Airport

We arrived in the Nadi aiport, hot, smelly, and humid. My best friend Gracie (Yes, my name is Grace and hers is Gracie), her family and me. We go up to the counter to see when our next “private” flight was going to be to the island. Yes. A private plane. I was very excited. “I’m sorry, your flight is in 6 hours.” Wow, not really the luxury I think of when I think of a private jet but okay. All I cared about was that I was in Fiji! Sitting and sitting in the mosquito-filled airport, playing cards, and eating the “thumbs up” chips that we obsessed over and now know they are only sold in Fiji. We realized this after we tried ordering them back to America. My best friends mom anxious as always, walking back in forth, striding to the counter and back to where we were sitting. I wasn’t anxious which was weird. I am always the one nervously shaking their leg, asking concerned questioned, and the one who has a look of fear on her face at all times. “Grace, I know you are probably worried right now, but don’t worry we will be going on the plane soon and I swear the island will not be like this.” As much as I appreciated that they knew me so well to make sure to reassure me that everything was going to be fine, for some reason I was completely happy and content being in the stinky airport. I thought to myself, “why are you not freaking out right now.” It was the first moment in which I felt like I was living with no fear. I liked it. Finally we walk on the turf to our private plane which I think the only reason it was called private was because it was so small you could only see the person sitting directly in front of you. No iced cold waters, reclining chairs or flight attendants in sight. Just me, the pilot, Gracie and her parents. That’s all that could fit on the plane. At this point, I typically would be freaking out or just about to get a panic attack. I felt no panic or concern. The only person nearly about to pass out was Gracie’s mom who I turned back to see only her eyes peeking out of her scarf as if something was about to pop out and scare her. Once again someone tries to reassure me that everything will be fine, “Grace just hold my hand if you need to.” I surprisingly wasn’t panicked at all. It was the smallest, most sketchy plane I had ever been on but I was so excited to be on it. I was looking out the window, mind blown at the natural beauty surrounding me, not letting the fact that I was in a tiny jet that could easily crash at any point get in the way of my excitement. I saw the short landing strip ahead of us, not worrying about if we were gonna make it, but thinking about how we made it. The feeling I had when I realized that there was no fear or nervousness circulating in my thoughts was one that I always remember. Flying over the bright blue, green dense tropical forests I remember the moment so vividly, the time I realized what not worrying feels like. Every time I worry now and stress myself out, I try to remember the moment flying over the Fijian water where nothing was going to get in the way of my open and adventurous mind. I had never been so fearless in my life, I am the one who doubts and fears but that moment in the tiny airplane gave me clarity into how I wanted to live the rest of my life.



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