The Beginning


As much as I want to say I enrolled in this class because I truly thought it would be interesting, I honestly enrolled in it because it was one of the only classes that was available and in the specific time slot I needed. After sitting in class the first day, I now could not be happier that I am going to be a part of it. I enjoy writing and reflecting on my past and present experiences and encounters. After realizing that this class is composing a work of posts about myself, I became very intrigued and excited. The title of “Composing Self” initially intrigued me as the word “self” makes me tie things to who I am which helps me write with purpose.


  1. What will inspire me to write?
  2. What kind of voice do I want to have as a writer?
  3. Am I expanding my limits through words?
  4. Is there a common thread through my writing?
  5. Is my writing making an impact?
  6. Do I feel inspired to write right now?
  7. Am I writing with purpose?
  8. Have I created a throughline for my subject?
  9. Who is my audience?
  10. Is this engaging?
  11. Is there a visual aid to help capture the feeling or emotion of this post?
  12. What do I want the audience to remember?
  13. Do I have any examples that can help enhance my writing?
  14. Am I writing with intention?
  15. What’s the extra sparkle?


  • Fleshing my thoughts onto paper
  • Expressing myself
  • Creative writing

Techniques I would like to explore:

  • Writing on the spot
  • Fine tuning my drafts
  • Expand my vocabulary and word choice
  • Writing raw and honestly

Success: I remember my junior year in high school I was assigned a project to research a poet and then write a poem that paralleled one from your poet. The poet I chose wrote mostly about how social norms have created created problems in society. Because my poet was so raw and honest in her writing, I decided to write one about myself, who I am as a person and how I was viewed in society. To me this was a success because I wrote about something that I was proud of and that allowed others to see me in a different way. It broadened others views around me and gave them a deeper understanding of who I was.

Failure: I think that a writing failure of mine was when I had to write a research paper  on a topic that I was not interested in, I had no passion for the subject being written about which didn’t allow me to fully engage. I had a hard time writing an extensive paper on something that I did not enjoy writing about. I had a hard time finding a purpose or intention behind it all.


Do the photos or content we choose have to correlate to our blog posts?

Do you have a preference on the blog format we choose?





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