When writer’s captured my attention

  1. Amy Tan, Mother Tongue- I recognized Amy Tan’s name and excerpt because we read this as homework, I loved this piece when I read it so I wanted to learn more about her as a person. I found that she wrote “The Joy Luck Club” which is a book I enjoyed when I was younger. She also has written for Harper’s Bazaar which is a website/magazine I enjoy. I was initially drawn to “Mother Tongue” because it was familiar and because of the work in class that we have been doing. I like Tan’s voice because she focuses on the importance of having a unique writer’s voice. Amy Tan and I both wanted to be artists when we were younger and her first book was one that I relate to my childhood. I see a lot on Amy Tan’s website about family conflict and problems which is something that I cannot fully relate to.  
  2. Judith Ortiz Cofer, Silent Dancing –Judith Ortiz Cofer teaches Creative writing which is my favorite style of writing, she also writes poetry which is something I have tried to do and am very interested in. I first was drawn to this Excerpt because of the title, “Silent Dancing.” I love to dance. This excerpt also brings up a man crying because he was reminded of his mother, which makes me think of all the memories I have with my mom. She represents my love for creative writing but does not represent me in the way she speaks to Latin people.
  3. Michael Lewis, The Mansion: A Subprime Parable-Michael Lewis, wrote The Blind Side which is one of my favorite movies. He has written many books that have been made into movies which is an area I find fascinating, how books are translated visually on screen. “The Mansion: A Subprime Parablerepresents something that I believe to be true in American society, the strive to get whats bigger and better at all times. Lewis often writes about his own experience which is a way in which I like to write or gain ideas from. I don’t see anything about the struggles of gender roles and stereotypes on his website which makes me think that he has not experienced any of that.
  4. Annie Dillard, The Stunt Pilot –Annie Dillard was born in Pennsylvania which is a place I have always loved and have family ties to. She first addresses the readers of her website in a zesty manner that attacks Wikipedia and all other websites who have misrepresented her, I like her spunkiness. “The Stunt Pilot” acknowledges the importance of working towards things that seem to be impossible. Annie Dillard highlights people working towards what they want and based off of the “about” section of her websites, writes openly and honestly. I don’t see anything on her website based off of the struggles of young adulthood which is something that represents a part of my life.
  5. Jill Mccorkle, Cuss Time-Jill Mccorkle teaches creative writing, something that I love. There is also a musical called Good Ol’ Girls that was based off of some of her stories. I like to see how stories are made into movies or musicals. The excerpt from “Cuss Time” highlights how when kids are told not to something, they want to do it even more which is something that I did and currently do. Jill Mccorkle represent the people who are told what not to do rather than what to do, making me believe that she has had to deal with outer pressures. I do not see anything on her website about school pressures that leads me to believe she hasn’t dealt with education limitations and struggles.




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